E.g. Olsen Hegar Needleholder 17cm Tungsten Carbide (TC) – Just £38.75!

Surgery just got easier and more enjoyable!

Quite a statement, don’t you think?

Highest quality

Our aim is to provide the highest quality German made and hand finished surgical instruments in the UK and judging by the feedback we continue to get from vets across the country, we appear to be doing just that……

For too long, you have had to ‘put up with’ inferior and inconsistent standards of other suppliers’ instruments, which are usually manufactured in other parts of the world. At Ark Surgical we wanted to ensure you had access to the same quality instruments that are enjoyed every day by your counterparts operating in the NHS, as well as Private hospitals worldwide.

Our Products

Competitive prices

Don’t be under the misconception that our instruments come at ‘a price’, because they do not!

We guarantee that you will be very surprised just how competitive our instrument prices are, compared to your existing suppliers and how much nicer they are also.

Hit the ‘links’ to explore our range of instruments and prices and if you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch with us with full details of your enquiry and we will respond promptly.

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Our Prices

What some vets are saying about Ark Surgical instruments

  • ‘We are certainly enjoying the instruments and work is increasing.’
  • ‘I have used the instruments several times already and indeed they are very good quality. A real pleasure to operate with.’
  • ‘The balance, satin finish and ‘feel’ of the instruments in the hand is amazing, so glad I was referred to Ark Surgical from another surgery.’
  • ‘I feel as excited now about performing surgery as I did the first day I started operating all those years ago. These instruments are a league apart from all of the others in the UK vet market.’
  • ‘The competitive prices do not match the high quality and performance you get from this range of instruments. A good investment.’
  • ‘I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the instruments you provided. They are gorgeous and make operating more enjoyable. I must admit I was nervous trying a new supplier because I have had some pretty ropey instruments in the past but as soon as your lot arrived I was itching to get them opened! They are so well made and a pleasure to handle: I have been meaning to email you for a while but things have been hectic. Anyway I thought I’d let you know and I am recommending them to everyone!’

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