As our German supplier exclusively supplies the human market, their extensive hard cover instrument catalogue is only supplied to each hospital theatre dept.

Due to the cost in producing and printing this catalogue, unfortunately, it is not cost effective to supply a copy to each veterinary practice in the UK. If we did, then this would have to be reflected in higher prices for the instruments and the overwhelming feedback from our customers is that they would rather have cheaper prices and be able to access an electronic copy either via our website or email.

As the catalogue is supplied worldwide, the instruments are only shown with their image, product code and description, without any prices being displayed.

We have provided a list of our prices on the range of instruments that are most commonly used in animal surgery and therefore, requested by vets, via the Prices page.

Whilst there are over 4000 instruments in the catalogue, there are many that are specific to human surgery and therefore, some will not be suitable for animal surgery.

Discounts of up to 50% are available.

  • Should you wish to know the price of an instrument that is in the catalogue but not on the price list, please submit your enquiry with product code(s) and description using the form via the Contact page.
  • The catalogue is also available on a CD Rom. Again please use the form via the Contact page to request a copy.
  • Alternatively you can make these requests by telephoning us on 0208 690 3139, leaving a message if we are engaged on another customer call and we will return your call.

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